Teya Salat

gave birth to a powerful hurricane that destroyed the shelter of titthis, while taking care to spare the surrounding homes. Then it triggered a pouring rain, despite the season. Despair in the rubble of their shelter, wading in the mud, titthis fled the scene. The head of titthis killed himself, he took birth in hell for having ended his days.
To diminish the pride of Buddha titthis deployed its full powers. He showed an alley gems floating high in the air. It sprang up over it. Then he remained motionless for a moment, floating in a vacuum. He splashing large flames of his body, and water flows from all parts of his body. Splitting then, he created another himself, one was sitting and one standing. When the first got up to walk, the other longer. The two then began to discuss philosophy, each in turn asking questions which the other replied, as if they had been two completely separate beings. Everyone could clearly see whatever the place where he was. When
latest demonstration was completed redescendit Buddha does not. Instead, it climbed higher and higher until completely disappear in the sky. He went directly into the world of gods (deva) where he was to spend three months. There sat on a large stone floating in the empty sky of the devas, to spend three months of the rainy season (bladder). On land in the human world, no longer seeing reappear some began to cry.
Many waited and settled on the spot, eyes fixed on the sky, where the Blessed had disappeared. Some asked:
Noble and venerable monk, Buddha where he could go?

He left in the divine realm named devatiussa, the world of the gods. It will in our world to the full moon marking the end of the rainy season.

Because people wanted to wait, however, from that moment they all settled in the city Savatthi, even those whose residence was far from the capital. Seven days before the full moon of the end of the rainy season, the Buddha appeared in a flash to the venerable Maha Moggalana who asked the Buddha:
Noble and highly revered Buddha! Where do you get off at the end of the rainy season, the days of full moon?

I get off at the southern gate of the city. People will want me to go there.

OK, venerable Buddha. I will pass on information.
The day the Buddha came addressed to the king of the gods:
;Since my education is finished I return to the human world! The king of the gods gathered the other gods to escort the Buddha to the door south of the city Savatthi in the human world. Buddha did reveal a staircase made of precious materials: gold, silver and precious stones. The king of the gods leading the procession was accompanied by other gods, incense holders and musicians, drum and cymbal; a god took over the Buddha an umbrella he was turning. The spectacle of this majestic descent it came from a nobility and grandeur unmatched. Buddha had made sure that each human can see everything. In his will he beamed six noble colors.


After the Buddha had exposed his powers to light most people developed great admiration and devotion to the Buddha and the Buddhist community. The humiliation and the unpopularity of titthis increasing day by day. The titthis who got their food very difficult and their various needs met in secret. Our earnings have become rare since the monk Gotama Shidarta has gained popularity through the exhibition of his magic tricks, we must break its reputation.
In the meeting there was an ascetic titthi named Sundari, who was a magnificent beauty. Other titthi songèrent it would be beneficial to accuse Buddha by that girl. In order to put their plans they sought Sundari.

You're a beautiful woman like you help us to taint the reputation of Buddha so that it obtains more gains?

This course I will do my best to help you.
While the Buddha remained in his monastery were many people listen to his teaching. In the evening, once the Buddha had finished, everyone returned home. At this moment, in order to cross these people, the ascetic Sudar went to the monastery. Each evening, as people were surprised to see an ascetic approach the monastery of Buddha, they interrogators.

Where do you go?

I spend the night with Buddha in his room!
Having said that the girl patient in a grove until nobody could see it and returning home, among titthis. Very early in the morning she returned to the monastery of Buddha; it came out as soon as people began to circulate, to be as much as possible.


A few days after this act of the attacks titthis they pay a group of alcoholics to kill the ascetic Sundari.
When the job is done, throw his body in a pile of garbage near the monastery of Buddha.
When Alcolea had caught the girl they killed, and the understanding they threw his body raped and mutilated near the monastery of Buddha. The titthis pretending not to know where it was, they went to see the king to bring about the demise of the ascetic Sundari. The king asked:

Where do you think it can be? As you have an idea?
;We would not be surprised to be in the monastery of Buddha
In this case doing research in this place!

For awake not suspicion the titthis took care to simulate length of those seeking something
they ignore the location.when they went on the large pile of garbage they feigning surprise. Surprised and horrified to discover his body, they told all the people they met:
So that others do not see the dirt which it has engaged with this girl, said the monk Gotama Buddha was killed and his body lay on a pile of garbage by his disciples.
They made the tour of the city to shout about these nefarious informing the entire population.
Frightened of these accusations, some monks did not knew how to handle the situation. After urged calm and have explained that there was no reason to be worried when was innocent, Buddha said:
To those who accuse you answer baseless those who lie and those who deny what they did are equal in their bad acts and accordingly suffer in hell! People are finding that you remain calm, they get tired : Within seven days desapear accusations.
Indeed: surprised to see the Buddha and his disciples if quiet, people souvinrent they had always shown exemplary and a virtue that they had never committed any crime. Everyone then ceased to criticize them, convinced that the murderer of the daughter Sundari was someone else. The king had burned the body of the girl after he sent his ministers to investigate the murder.
After receiving their wages, alcoholics fought violently about sharing them. The dispute erupted when one of the ministers in charge of the investigation going on near them. Thus they were immediately arrested and brought before the king. Forced to confess everything, alcoholics titthis the accused to have ordered the killing.
Titthis were all arrested and securely attached. They fit around the city, forced to proclaim aloud the following:
This is not Buddha who killed the ascetic Sundari, we will have killed! We are only at fault.

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