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to you in boudhatour
crossroad of knowledge and communication !” …


The dreams of your life begin here ! . Bodh-Gaya famus and must sacred place for whole Buddhist people in the world , classified historique monument , you're must welcome here ! .

Quotation :

"We should join with wise friend that shows the default as it showed a treasure . We should be with one whise who abhors misconduct, in fact attend such a person is an asset and not bad" Bouddha Shakyamuni Shidarta Gautama .

Free !

send an email for Buddha , an prayer for the peace in the world or your wishes , an poèm why not ? We will depose it inside the must sacred temple in the world called in tibetain language "dorje den" !

Buddha guest book you express is for yours free expression made a prayer for world peace, or a public confession purification will be more effective or just leave a comment .

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