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Then they were all thrown into prison!
After this case people began to worship Buddha more than before the donors came from all directions. Some time later the few remaining free titthis sought to avenge the Buddha, wishing once again destroy the reputation of Buddha because they were thirsty for revenge and over were very jealous of Buddha and his community. They do not bear to see people have a great reverence for Buddha and wanted people to come to them for their many offerings. To achieve their ends they asked one of the few disciples who admired, a young woman named Sitamana, their service. What she accepted without hesitation. After attached pieces of wood under his clothes to suggest that she was pregnant, she went to the monastery of Buddha one day peak. When Sitamana entered the hall where a crowd of listeners listened carefully to the words of the Buddha, she cried in front of everybody, Buddha pointing an accusing finger:
Look! This Buddha that you admire so much, it has well game to teach it does not itself practice. He slept with me and made pregnant! Look at my belly: it is inflated by not under your Buddha! Is not it a shame?. Seeing this the king of the gods Sakka, protector and friend of Buddha, four other gods sent to investigate. Sitamana came from, they saw through their supernatural powers that only wood instead of a baby! They did appear with their mice on timber hidden under clothing of the young woman, wood they were quick to gnaw at full teeth. Soon, all the wood fell to the ground, leaving then showed a belly flat as a board under the astonished eyes of many people. Recognizing trickery, outraged by the act of the young woman, people would beat. To escape the blows that rained on his head it away in large strides. Come out of the walls of the monastery, she was absorbed by the earth as it opened and fell directly into the most painful of hell.
Reached at the end of its fourth season Monsoon (4 years) in this monastery and after sending the monks teach across the country, Buddha left his monastery to get to Vesala. King Lichavi happy to receive the Buddha on his land, caused Buddha to build a monastery in western Vesala. When construction was completed respectfully approached the king of Buddha.


- Oh noble Buddha! Please accept this monastery and remain there during the next rainy season.
Blessed as agreed by its customary silence, the king delighted that blessing shared his joy with all the inhabitants of the kingdom. A month later the king Sudoddhana Buddha father fell seriously ill. Fear of dying without having reviewed its noble son Buddha he sent a messenger to invite him to his palace. The king wanted to pay tribute once again, and perhaps the last. Leaving a few monks in the monastery and accompanied by five hundred Blessed began immediately to start Kapilavasdu where his father King Sudoddhana awaited. When he arrived in the capital so he could deliver many lessons to his father. The third day that followed the arrival of Buddha Kapilavasdu, King succumbed to his illness, arriving through the lessons taught by his son at Arathi totally free of ignorance.
His body was cremated at a large ceremony with all the protocol due to his rank, after which the Buddha returned to his monastery on the outskirts of the capital of Kapilavasdu.
At that time in the kingdom of King Savatti lived Pesenadi. One of his advisers was a Brahmin, Hindu religious appointed Antaki, Mantani whose wife gave birth to a son who would become Angulimala. After ten months of pregnancy was born during a night when all the knives of the kingdom began to flicker. His father gifted in astrology was surprised by this strange omen. He consulted the stars and augurs that his son would become a robber. He said then:
Damn! This child will become a killer serial killer.
The next morning he went to the king aware:

Majesty! I had a son that night. Alas, the signs are very ominous! It will become a murderer!
Just last night I saw all the knives sparkle! What this means - Does it? Will I in danger?
Non. This is a sign marking the birth of my son

To avoid future danger, I will run!


- No, leave it alive! I am his father and do not worry, I will see to his education.

The father gave his son the name Anjusaka which means no agresssivity to encourage them to remain innocent whenever he hear his name, because the bad omens predicted the opposite. When Anjusaka became a young man his father sent him to a renowned professor in a large university populated by many students where he quickly became the most brilliant, most obedient and most educated students. To prevent his son committed no wrong, the father gave him no money, forcing her to be the servant of his teacher and to be always at his master. Focusing as it does to develop orgeuil point. So he took care of his master and wife of the latter. As it was the best in all subjects, other students were jealous of him, so they invented criticisms without any basis they went to notify the teacher, so that any more glad his favorite pupil.

Master! Your student Anjusaka made bad things with your wife in your absence.
The first time he heard that the teacher did not believed a word! When more and more students, after concerted between them, he denounced the same mischief, he became hostile. He began by having some doubts, and he ended up not at all appreciate his best student, to the point of wanting to kill him. However, he thought:

I can not kill, it is the most brilliant of my students. If I killed it might tarnish my reputation, and the king put me in jail. I will try to do otherwise disappear.

One day the teacher called his pupil.

Anjusaka! You are very intelligent. You learn quickly and for this reason I will teach you special knowledge ignored by everyone. To receive education in return you must meet my requirement.

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