Oh yes, master! Teach me what nobody knows! To do this, what do I do, master?

i give you this knowledge on the condition that you brings me miles human fingers! Mille indexes of the right hand.

After respectfully greeted the young teacher Anjusaka left in the forest armed with a sword, determined to execute thousand people and cut off the finger. It was against the heart and he went in search of miles fingers, but as he had a huge thirst for knowledge he was ready to do anything to benefit from these lessons. Although it was with great intelligence he acted without thinking. So he shot over his sword all the people that crossed its path and settle their index. At the beginning it was storing the grim harvest in a hideout in the forest, but soon he realized that wild animals ate fingers disappearing as they are stored. Aware of its awkwardness after killing many people for nothing because without being able to keep their fingers, then he kept around his coup as a string gloomy. Therefore, when people saw the necklace they called dismal Angulimalla, which means garland of fingers. As no one dared venture into the forest, he entered villages at night and killed residents in their sleep. Sometimes villagers armed and come together to try to kill him. But it was so strong, agile and quick he still managed to escape. People were likely to complain to the king.

Get him, and kill this killer that is ravaging our villages I will send my army tomorrow, they catch and kill

When the father of Angulimalla knew that the king would send soldiers to kill his son, he told his wife.

Oh my son! I do not want him to be killed.
The mother of the killer went into the forest in search of his son to try to save him..


The next morning when his accounting Angulimalla dismal harvest fingers already cut, there were nine hundred and ninety-nine! He had to kill one last person to arrive with a thousand fingers and thus achieve the desired account. Hurry to end it took a firm resolution: The first person I see today, I kill

Can he lives after his mother shouted to him in tears:

Oh my son, pay attention to your life, the king sent his army to kill you

Ready to kill anyone to get his finger last - the sword forward, his blade of sparkling flashes of light and stained with blood from his previous victims - look determined - Angulimalla ran to her mother without listening to what she said. The mother carrying her arms in front of his face as to protect the blade Angulimalla rose to heaven.
At this moment Angulimalla come between Buddha and the mother of it.

The same morning, while Buddhas omniscience pondering his next supranormal whole universe in the ten directions at the same time, as he used to do every morning, he saw Angulimalla on the verge of getting caught and killed by the royal army, he saw that the mother was about to be killed by his own son. Took compassion towards them, Buddha decided to intervene to prevent this tragedy. Before he cried parte villagers and warned of the danger Buddha:
Lord Buddha! Please do not go to Angulimalla, it is much too dangerous.
Without listening to the advice of villagers Buddha flying like a bird went through the air save the mother finger cutter, and Angulimalla itself. Buddha knew that despite his guilty Angulimalla error was a potential karmic virtuous, he had accumulated over many lives, and that there was not much to make a Angulimalla Arathi!
So therefore instructed its Angulimalla own mother with a rage to make hair on the head with dread, brandishing the blade sharp, bright and stained with the blood of previous victims. At the moment where the mother was wearing his arms crossed in front of his face as to protect the Buddha come between Angulimalla and his mother. By the supernatural powers of the Buddhas saber Agulimalla he escaped from his hands. Angulimalla So when he saw the Buddha thought:
Both kill the foreigner, it ovoid to kill my own mother!

Having recovered his sword he rushed to
Buddha. This, agile, spun at high speed without any effort, rolling peacefully on the air: from right to left, then from left to right, then top the trees, ranging from branch to branch like a bird glider. More Angulimalla Buddha more quickly ran away from him. Breath, and annoyed by not being able to catch up to him to cut his finger he shouted:
Stop! Stop!

I am arrested me, you are still running.".


- "Why do you say it? Do not lie: you're away from me at an incredible rate!"

I spoke of samssara
[samssara is the Sanskrit term to describe the wheel of life. Why a wheel? Because living beings remain in a perpetual and infinite submission: slaves to their desires they are born and die, then reborn infinitely] I stopped run in the cycle of rebirth while you Angulimalla, you are still miserably in the process of running . Angulimalla was made aware of their situation through the words of Buddha, he approved. then suddenly he realized that he was in the process of attracting the worst trouble because of a mad professor who called him something crazy! Casting his sword away he fell on his knees, watching his two hands and covering his face as to hide its shame; crying, he rushed to the feet of Buddha and bowed.
- Protect me lord Bagawan. Teach me the doctrine that allows to stop running. After the Buddha had issued him the education he went into hiding in the forest and put these lessons into practice and instructions at a retreat in the forest. At the end of which, purified his crimes, he realized the state Arathi totally liberated from rebirths involuntary. Then shortly after he joined the Buddha in his monastery and integrate the community. Angulimalla then accompanied the Buddha to Savath, the Buddha had this idea to take it with him so that everybody knows Angulimalla had joined the community of Buddhist monks. Buddha said the city tour with his new disciple Angulimalla parried a monk robe. Upon arrival at the monastery of the Buddha, this amazing new attained quickly to the ears of the king. He came immediately see the Buddha, accompanied thousand soldiers. Arriving he bowed before the Buddha and warned:

-Noble Buddha! Angulimalla is a murderer! Do not get in assassin of your holy community!

- It is no longer a murderer, he is a Arathi! I taught him the truth: it is now able to completely purify

Delighted to hear that the king bowed at the foot of the Blessed and the case was closed. When Angulimalla went to collect his food all the monks, people recognizing the bombing of stones and spat him over. He returned to the monastery and empty the bowl upside blood.

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