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When it came about that incident the Buddha, he explained:

This is quite normal: it is the result [karma]bad acts, that you've created all the crimes you have committed. To appease hatred, justified, that people carry you I will teach you and give you the power to give life, that you use with women sterile. You impose your hands on their belly and you recite the words that I will give you. Since you became a monk and reached the state Arathi you kill anyone. As far as this is true, can you give life to many children

So whenever he met infertile women they recited the formula and imposed their hands, they easily got children. Thus the paradox: after removing lives, it helped to promote birth control. Slowly people began to see the venerable Angulimalla and respect for what he had become, totally forgetting its past misdeeds.

For many years the Buddha taught throughout India, particularly near the Ganges. Since his enlightenment at Bodh Gaya, at the age of 35 years, he retired every year in one of its many monasteries during the three months of the rainy season. Buddha

approaching of old age: it begins its forty-fifth rainy season with his eightieth year. In order to make its forty-fifth retirement, Buddha went near the village between Vesala and Rajagaha; many monks accompanied the Blessed. But the village was too small to allow its inhabitants to provide enough food for all. Buddha sent Vesala most of the disciples who had followed him. From the beginning of his retirement Buddha began to suffer from old age, although he knew that his end was near, he will not tell anyone yet. Buddha entered into Vipassana meditation calm and concentration involving mental clarity and lucidity not applicable in peace and calm mental. Thanks to what he could quickly absorbed into the nirvana unlimited peace provided by the cessation of physical and mental. Experiments of this state has the power to regenerate and neutralize disease; Bl enabled it to recover substantially its forces and to find a second youth. But if the physical are saved through this meditative technique, however, that he had kept his extreme austerities Suzata have persisted and even worsened in light of his advanced age (79 years)..


After the retirement of three months Buddha went to Vesala along the banks of the Ganges. Arriving at Vesala he collected his meals from house to house before you eat. Then he went to the east of the city with his disciples. Upon his arrival he saw the Venerable Ananda, who spoke to Buddha

Buddha! Vesala is a holy place where it is pleasant to live. Excellent this monastery is also a good place here because the Arathi were able to develop clever ways that are just the will and the right effort;
contentment; wisdom --
associated with seven factors of awakening:
attention; investigation, discipline and the joy, peace;
and equanimity! If they have the desire to live to old age or even more, they can: this place is very conducive! I am among those who developed Arathi all factors under favorable to self-realization, so if I stay here I could expect to live hundred or more. Although Ananda say again three times in those words , The venerable Buddha remained silent after the three consecutive repeats those words which were intended to receive its share of an incentive to live longer!

Oh noble Buddha stay here! Live Vesala order to enjoy the longest life possible and thus teaching the Dharma long [religious] to be yet so many wandering in the universe. Rathen than Ananda remained silent, however, that sentence was exactly what he meant at Blessed, for whom he had so much love and devotion. However, the demon who wanted Marra as the disappearance of Buddha prevented him from the decision: he reduced his hand and lodged in the mouth of Ananda able to catch his vocal chords shook it between her fingers, her prohibiting any floor.


Seeing no Marra, Ananda remained unable to speak but without understanding what was happening to her.
Noting the silence of his disciple went Buddha sitting under a tree near the monastery. He sent the Venerable Ananda to fetch water to quench your thirst. Meanwhile Marra came to Buddha and asked him to end his life:

- Gautama Shidarta do not wait! Turn off where you can enter in the parinirvana death. I had already proposed that in the past

He laughed between his teeth, his long hair unraveling ébouriffés with his nails and Hooked and strangely resembles the Satan of Christian imagery.

- marra, I had already said that I would not parinirvana so that there would not enough Arathi and be able to teach the Dharma. Today continuity is ensured Dharma So you can quietly take your rest: I will soon go parinirvana. In three months I do in Parinirvana. As he came to fix the time of his disappearance parinirvana, the earth began to shake, the sky darkens as just before a thunderstorm, the wind stopped blowing and the singing of birds also ceased at that time. When the Venerable Ananda felt this earthquake, the vocal cords released he came to ask Buddha

Why the earth she shook?

Ananda! There are ten reasons why the earth moves.

1. The water comes in contact with fire.

2. Boiling creates movements and steam at high pressure.

3. The water is put in motion under the earth plates.

4. The earth trembles.

5. When an omniscient Buddha succeeds in its latest incarnation: the moment of conception the earth moves.

5. At the time of the birth of a Buddha earth trembles.

6. When a Buddha delivers his first lesson, the earth moves.

9. When a Buddha said he would enter into parinirvana, the earth moves.

10. When a Buddha parinirvana enter into the earth moves.

Venerable Ananda Buddha asked not to parinirvana and live as long as possible. But the Buddha remained silent, then he got up and said: Let Vesala in my monastery.

When they arrived at Vesala Buddha asked Ananda to bring together all the monks. When all were grouped, Buddha spoke to them:

Oh monks! I completed the Dharma teaching. Diligimment Have you hold your efforts; study lessons, practice them, and then teach them to others. As long as you and I will be here as well you honor my memory, shortly I will parinirvana.

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