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On hearing these words the monks were very sorry. The new
soon to spread throughout the region. When they learned all this new monk came to the blessed to serve before he disappeared for ever. With the exception of one monk, the Venerable Dhamma Rama. As he had not visited Buddha, the other monks suspected of not being dedicated to the Buddha. When they informed the blessed, it knew the reason. But while the silence he called Dhamma to tell itself from the community of monks suspicious. When he arrived Buddha bade him take the floor to explain his absence:

Oh venerable brotherhood who are gathered here, let me explain my absence! Since our noble Buddha disappear in three months, I thought that the best way to honor the omniscient Buddha was to achieve the stage Arathi His Holiness before going in the parinivana.
Buddha said: <;br>Excellent! Excellent, disciple Rama. Anyone who meets my teaching should follow the example of the venerable Dhamma Rama. Those who honorent best are those who practice my teaching
Three months later Buddha went to collect her meal accompanied by the Venerable Ananda. The meal finished, Buddha and his monks went on a long road to travel on foot, along the way Buddha delivered many lessons to his disciples, monks and lay people. In their journey, Rajagaha parties and after passing through the village of Bashu, Buddha and his disciples arrived in the town of Pava where they met the son of a wealthy jeweler, jeweler himself appointed Gunda. This invite the Buddha and his followers to settle in his mango garden before continuing their journey. Gunda invited the Buddha and his followers to take the meal. He prepared several dishes including pork.


At the time of the gods put into cooking the food of gods with pork for the Buddha: the gods knew that this was his last meal. When serving meals arrested on Buddha Jewelcrafting:

Gunda! Do not give meat to monks, make sure you not to give to me, not eat meat with this person, even the remains, destroy them and throw them in the Ganges!

- Why, Lord?

Apart from me not bear the digestion of the meat, with the exception of a Buddha: the food of the gods is not at all to humans. Gunda is what made him Buddha recommended. At the end of the meal they all returned to rest. Once Buddha had called the community of monks around him, he continued his journey; painfully, because of the pain that the nippers past few months and began to be very strong.

arrived after traveling a long journey to the city of Kushinagar, Buddha ordered a halt. Indicating a tree he announced:
tired. Install double my dress under this tree, going to rest. When Buddha was lying, he Ananda begged him to go fetch water from the Ganges. As the great river had been crossed by a large convoy of tanks and animals, water disturbed by dirt was moved to the point of being unsafe. Venerable Ananda went back to Buddha by declaring that the water was dirty and undrinkable. But the Buddha insisted, saying

It does nothing. Go get me the water of the Ganges.
Venerable Ananda insisted, but he repeated Buddha three times to fetch water from the Ganges. So he seized the bowl maitre her and resigned himself to tap into the river to water infamous. Even as the impure water entering the bowl, it became perfectly clear and pure as if the opening of the bowl formed a filter, to the astonishment of the venerable Ananda.

Oh! It is extraordinary is miraculous! The Lord Buddha is really a saint with great powers
Happy to this prodigious, he brought his master pure water with which he could quench. Then Buddha said to Ananda in confidence:

Ananda! Tomorrow I will parinirvana in the town of Kushinarama.

When they arrived at Kushinarama entered the park governor Mail. Blessed saw as a bed of gold decorated with precious stones, he asked his faithful servant Ananda to install between two willows, head north.


Then Buddha lying on its right side, then all of willows covering instantly garden of flowers, dropping many petals as the snow. Opened flowers everywhere, despite the season did not open. And the gods, the king of the gods and the god of gods Brahma sent flowers giant fell gently from the sky, before going litter the ground around the garden blessed just lie down for the last time.
Thus all made resplendent homage to Buddha with flowers of remarkable beauty, whose embaumant wonderful fragrance throughout the city. The Buddha told his noble servant Ananda:

Ananda! What you see here is not the real tribute that can fait.Il me are two ways I pay tribute to physical and spiritual way of practicing my lessons and trying nobly to practice at any moment. That the real tribute we can pay me!

Also, although plunged into great sadness everyone had the joy of paying tribute to Buddha. Blessed then entered the tranquility itself by closing his eyes, his mind joining the clarity and lucidity without reference object. At this moment the venerable Ananda wanted to cry, he thought:

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