"Our noble lord will lapse. Tomorrow it will no longer be there to give its recommendations. There will be nobody to me to teach me the Dharma, to answer my questions. I can no longer cherish forever.

Do reaching more to control his tears he went into hiding to mourn without being seen. As the venerable Ananda had not yet reached the state Arathi he still darkening the spirit of a regular-related grief. When Buddha left his meditation, he inquired with other monks of the absence of his faithful servant Ananda.

- Where is Ananda?

- Venerable Ananda was isolated to cry, Lord!

- Make it come here. In tears, the Venerable Ananda arrived.

- Here I am Lord Buddha

- Ananda! Stop crying, there is no benefit to cry! In the universe, all those dear to beings must die one day or another, this is inevitable. Personne ne peut empĂȘcher son corps de pĂ©rir. Strive to practice detachment, Ananda, train yourself to the contemplative meditation that takes aim impermanence of aggregates. If you try you will become properly quickly released Arathi grief.

On hearing the words of Buddha Venerable Ananda stopped crying. Buddha then addressed all the monks, lay people and gods present

Oh noble assembly! Ananda is someone with four outstanding qualities: those who face falling under its charm and admire immediately. All those who hear Ananda clearly understand his teachings. Everybody appreciates the voice of Ananda . All those who intend to teach Ananda are motivated to practice Dharma. These are the four qualities of Ananda. Then addressing his servant assigned to Ananda, he said:

Ananda go into town to seek the governor Mail: I will enter into parinirvana this very night, before dawn.


Ask him to announce to the inhabitants of the city, to allow all those wishing to pay tribute to me in my lifetime and that no one can regret not having done so.

Then the Blessed closed eyes; coming into himself he traveled the various stages of concentration of mind without reference object in the empty lucidity and clear, reaching the state of clear light dualistic. This state is a foretaste of the state of nirvana. The Buddha has not yet fully immersed in his mind clear light omniscient. Then the Buddha reopened eyes smiling at the meeting gathered around him. The closing then he ran again successive states of meditative concentration.

Then his mind finally and irrevocably plunged into nirvana; merging as a drop in the sea, he joined the absolute omniscience and inefinable. He died in

parinirvana for ever in the top third of the night of May, a Tuesday before dawn the next day. At the moment of extinction of the blessed land began to shake. Seven days, men, women, children, gods and goddesses salute him as a universal monarch.

Once the gods and humans had had every opportunity to pay tribute, the monks tried to light the pyre, despite numerous attempts not only took a flame. The governor asked why Maila.

Honorable Governor! The reason why the fire does not take is that the Venerable Maha Kassap has not yet delivered its homage to the Buddha! That is why the gods prevent the stake to fire, because they have a great reverence for this noble heritage. Just at that time the Venerable Maha Kassap arrived and everyone turned around to see this noble monk. Close to the pyre of sandalwood, it was slowly around three times, bowed with great respect. As the mortal remains of Blessed Buddha was securely surrounded by five hundred pieces of cloth embroidered value of gold son, and locked in a coffin of gold, the Venerable Maha Kassap could no longer see the Buddha. He sat at the end of the coffin later feet and said with great conviction


"I can not see the Lord. I wanted to see him again one last time for him before it is burned. May I see at least his feet one last time! At this very moment the feet of Buddha deceased went through five hundred layers of fabric and ducerceuil Gold closed. As if the solid gold was that of liquid mercury no consistency! Then they came to land on their heads bowed Major monk. Venerable Maha Kassap respectfully bowed before the Buddha's feet emerging from the wall of gold coffin closed and sealed. Applying his hands on his feet he asked on his face and head. The five hundred disciples present had an opportunity to report similarly tribute. And seeing this extraordinary people were filled with joy and devotion.

When everyone had finished honor remains the feet of reabsorb themselves in the wall of the coffin and took their seats inside it. The fire then ignites himself without it was necessary to turn it on.

In the ashes inside the coffin remained the only relics of the Buddha intact:
his four dogs, two clavicles, the cranial bones of the forehead and beads of three sizes. Some were large as peas, others like grains of rice and other grains such as sesame these beads are relics of property to multiply infinity and emit radiation in five colors to the miraculous properties: curing diseases or realization of the wishes. When the relics were obtained, people could pay tribute to them seven days. Then the monks organized their shared between gods and monarchs.

Then the monks decided to convene the first council three months after the death of Buddha, the kingdom of Rajagaha. The Venerable Maha Kassap selected 499 monks Arathi made; and ousting the Venerable Ananda, he would have wanted to involve the council as well as Ananda and close cousin of the Buddha had still not reached the status of Arathi.

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