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- Father, listen! Past, there are thousands of years away, while we were embodied both Yasodhara and myself in a couple of birds, I was already the male, female it Yasodhara . Already at that time, she did everything itself without requiring the help of others! "Then
Buddha won the monastery that the king had built near the palace in the vast royal garden .
One morning the Buddha went to Kapilavasdu to bless the people of his ethnicity, the Shakya. The Shakya people were particularly proud, and proud of the fact of belonging to the royal caste. When they saw the Buddha, some say:
Ah, here is our son Shidarta it has to be our age son. The older do not even bow before Buddha. They stayed well back, simply send the youngest front. To neutralize this immense pride, Buddha gave a demonstration of his powers.
It rose in the sky, to levitate a good pitch. Then he began to walk in a vacuum as if it were on land, above the crowd of amazed Shakya. Then fire gushes over his body by the underside of his right foot and his right eye, the water gushes from the bottom of his left foot and his left eye and a mixture of fire and water by mouth and nostrils. At the same time his body beaming with a light so strong that the whole sky was illuminated. Before all this water and fire falling back into harmless white powder into the crowd paralyzed amazement. The pride of Shakya vanishes as a snowflake in the sun. When Buddha come back from the sky, his father the king Sudoddhana bowed before applying the Buddha head on the feet of his son. Considerably impressed by the demonstration of Buddha, and seeing the king himself prostrate at the feet of Buddha, everyone did the same.


After spending the entire summer season Kapilavasdu, Buddha wanted to leave in the region of Nalanda. After a month of travel he arrived in Nalanda. This area was divided into two clans: the Titthis (non-Buddhist ascetics who support erroneous views on the permanence of aggregates) and Buddhists (supporting the view of the impermanence of all compounds, so aggregates). Some time later, in the park Pavarika (Park mangoes) a rich banker owner of a mango plantation near the town, after hearing the teaching of Buddha and become his disciple, built for the Buddha, at his land exploitation mango, a monastery which the Buddha gave the name of Pavarikambavana (meaning the monastery mangoes). The Buddha remained in the monastery some time. Happy to taunt the Buddhist community, a group of titthis the project was to organize a show demonstration of psychic powers. To carry out their project, Titthis built a large shelter and not lacking to warn people of the kingdom.
[The titthis very sectarian, not ever attended Buddhists and had even forbidden their children to play or talk with children Buddhists. The Titthis seeing the Buddhist community thrive thanks to donors increasingly numerous, and knowing that the Buddha had banned the use of power without reason, they wanted to ridicule and Buddhists in terms of population].
When the king took Pesenadi knowledge of the show he went to Buddha to make it part of the event, prior to propose:

Noble Bagawan [winner] Buddha, let me build a large shelter, larger than that of Titthis, so you can belittle the pride of these heretics.

- Do not give this particular sentence, my friend!

Your holiness, if I do not care who will do it for me?

The king of the gods (deva Sakka) will create it for me in a flash!

;At what point would the location where you show your psychic powers?

Under a mango tree

What day do you choose for your demonstration?

The Day of the Full Moon in the month of July

At what point should settle all those who wish to attend your demonstration: you do not tell me where will be built by the king of the gods large shelter?

Do not worry especially this: I will see anywhere on earth.

Immediately out of this interview King Pesenadi rushed to send messengers in all directions of the kingdom to prevent the population of the extraordinary event.
Messengers shouted: Notice to the people! The day of the Full Moon in the month of July! Grand free show the noble and perfect Buddha and Titthis! public demonstration of supernatural powers! Who will be the most convincing? notice to the people!


When titthis heard that Buddha would conduct demonstration of his psychic powers under a mango tree they did cut all the mango trees. The morning of the full moon in July there was a single mango tree in the whole region, not even shoot, except in the garden of the king that nobody would dare destroy. Making its collection of food bienheux arrived at the palace of King for this season there was more mango long ago. However he remained one in the garden of the king, neither more nor less. It was a magnificent result, generous in size and ready for consumption. When the guard saw the garden he picked to go give it to the king. However, as soon as he saw the Buddha with his bowl he was very pleased to offer him. Buddha moved to the outside, not far from the royal garden, to take his meals. When he finished eating he gave the nucleus of the mango to guard.
Kassa! Plant this core!
Venerable sir, where do you want me to the plant?


Once the kernel planted, the keeper came pouring water on the hands of Blessed to be the Lavat. By falling to the ground water watered the kernel. At this time thanks to the power of Buddha pits opened and a huge mango tree grows in a moment.
Surprised by the sudden appearance of the mango, the guard went warn the king and all the people he crossed. The tree already bearing fruit many, the goalkeeper for the harness offer the community of monks [sangha]. The king ordered a major deployment of guards stood around the tree to protect it from titthis ill-intentioned. People who wanted to see the tree closely arrived en masse. Everyone is picking delicious mangoes from the tree, which immediately re-growth; so that the mango was constantly full. Unpleasantly surprised to learn that stood a mango tree, the titthis tried to go cut. As soon as they came to the tree, the people who had launched their horror mango kernels on the head. Frightened by this collective hostility, the titthis fled to all legs to the general shelter they had just completed their show. The king of the gods (deva), friends of the Buddha,

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