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The journey lasted two months, Buddha renouncing use his powers to get to Kapilavasdu by air, because travel on foot allowed him to teach many people. But the venerable Kaludahi, Arathi become as a result of lessons received, processed warn the king of the arrival of his son. With his powers he won Kapilavasdu through the air, flying in the sky like a bird. When the king saw coming from the sky, without even give it time to put their feet on land he questioned:
hes my son is capable of flying as you do?

You can not compare myself to the noble Buddha! It would be like if you compare an ant with an elephant, or light a candle to the sun. It radiates perfection in thirty-two spheres that in the universe . It is the most noble!
Kaludahi words filled with joy King Sudoddhana. The king offered him a meal and asked to kindly agree to go every day, using its powers to offer meals to its noble son Buddha, until it reached Kapilavasdu. So did Kaludahi informing each day the king of the position of his son Buddha. Meanwhile, bathing in a huge enthusiasm, everyone was preparing the coming of the Blessed. In the vast garden of the Kings palace for the Buddha and his disciples leading the king did build a monastery.
the eve of the arrival of Buddha Kapilavasdu the king had met his family in full and had held the following speech:
My son had two opportunities as astrologers had predicted it could become king of the world, or the Buddha issuing beings from the oppression of birth and death. And it is the latter for which he chose . It will happen with many monks. With the exception of my other son Nanda and my little son Rahula, I strongly encourage you all to embrace the monastic life and to follow Buddha. " Just before Kapilavasdu Buddha reflects the attitude that it should take to its entry into Kapilavasdu. With the aid of his psychic powers he saw the Buddhas that preceded it, right away he saw that no one had visited the lower house without having first been invited. So it came in the wake Kapilavasdu with all its monks to perform the collection of food meal of the day, the bowl in his hands. While the blessed and the other monks stopped in front of the houses to receive their daily food, people were all delighted that surprised.


Everybody down in the street to see the Buddha and monks. Some worship, others seeking a blessing. It spoke only of Buddha and monks. The noise did not fail to alert the Yasodhara princess, wife of Buddha, which ran to the window to see what was happening outside. When she saw the Buddha radiating light and followed the monks she asked:
Is it appropriate to do it, go ask for food as beggars
She rushed to go tell the king. Sire! Majesty! Shidarta your son is now demanding food with a bowl from house to house like a beggar! Without coming to us, ignoring us completely. Is this appropriate?. As they had never seen that they did not understand the behavior of Buddha. Without a word the king immediately ran pale, alone and as soon as he put up his son Buddha shouting
Venerable son! Why are you doing this? Why bring shame on us? Why do not you come with us? What advantage do you have to ask for food to common people? You would imagine that you can not afford to offer the meals and twenty thousand monks work? all the ancestors of our royal family lineage from the beginning, the first king Mahasamata until our recent ancestor Sihahanu, never one has asked for food to others!

All the Buddhas of the past have always had the habit of doing so to get their food. They still stop before the houses and accept food from those who want to give them, it does not beg. When a Buddha or A monk is invited to a house he goes there, and when there is not invited it did not! As I was not invited today, I collect my food to the using my bowl.
hearing this the king took the bowl of his son and invited him and the community of monks at the palace for lunch. While all settled Buddha invited the king to take place on the royal throne. Blessed gave an education that began as follows:


Anything that can be harmful and clumsy it should not be done, which is beneficial should be developed, it must maintain a pure spirit. Thus summarizes the teaching of all Buddhas of the three times: past, present , Future.
heard that the king and queen came to understand just what is beneficial for oneself and for others. When the meal was completed all members of the royal family came to mark their respect and reverence to Buddha, with the exception of Yasodhara, wife of Buddha. The princess, very proud, refused to leave his room. The girls used the princess came to find it in his room, the sum kindly come with her husband Buddha. She replied:
If really the Buddha has compassion for me, he will come by itself. If it comes in my room when I prostrate themselves before him. The maids reported these words to Buddha, who immediately gave his bowl to his father called two monks with him and joined the princess in her room where many people were present. When the Buddha entered the room he said:

Today, if you want to worship me do it, express yourself as you want. Having said that the Buddha sat on the couch Prince and Princess Yasodhara threw himself to his feet, his arms around the ankles of Buddha, forehead on his feet. She remained silent and suddenly abundant tears flowing his eyes and his tears were of great violence. Then she bowed. At that time the king entered the room and told to Buddha:

Noble son. Since you started in the forest and to this day, Princess Yasodhara your wife continued to do exactly as if you were there! She maintained the site and your business as if you were ever party . When she learned that you do put one dress brownish color, it does nothing more than a dress the same. When it was learned that you take only one meal a day, it was limited to one meal. Since she knew that you had waived the bed and chairs, it is still on the ground even at night: she sleeps on the floor. Since she knew that you use no jewelry or perfume, it also has abandoned these things. When people in his family or close friends come to see to help in any way, she refuses, declining the help of all.

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