Back in the monastery monks and villagers organized a joint prayer ritual long life dedicated to the Buddha. The following day the Buddha summoned the entire community of monks to organize a public lecture instead appointed Pic vultures, for the days of full moon. This day, an assembly of very many wise people - scholars, scientists and monks - and lay people took place in this place, awaiting the speech of the Buddha. The Buddha came, radiating wisdom, and instead sat the highest order to have a view of all those monks présentes.les ignoring the supernatural power of Buddha oranizaire For people sitting at the bottom, there Monks were repeaters floor: the first monk then repeat listening to the mate to repeat the third and so on until you reach the bottom of the assembly, so that all people can hear the words of Buddha, even the those more distant (then there was no microphone). But the supernatural power of Buddha each one could hear the Buddha as if to speak in front of you even if you at the bottom of the public. Then the Buddha began his speech.
Any thing you receive, whether through sight, touch, hearing, smell or taste, is devoid, in its essential nature, any characteristic , Void of attraction or repulsion, it is neither good nor bad, they are pure clarity lucidity of mind with nothing. Lucid clarity is also void of a so existing non existence. The concepts of accessions or discharges are the cause of rebirth in the wheel of life, if it remains in a state of mind beyond any before, we are free. All living beings are subjected to condition of interdependence, causality and effect.
You plant a seed of lemon: inevitably get a lemon; the same for all living beings: their actions do not remain without effect. It there is no god governor of the universe, the reality of the causal form and empty the vacuum and form. The shape, the sensations perceptions, thoughts and consciance are empty without characteristic not born or annihilate are neither pure nor impure. That is why in a vacuum there is no form or feeling or perception or contact or thought or form nor its ext, or element of organs or ignorance or cessation of ignorance or obtaining or failure to obtain. Therefore because of their lack of production and what remains in the mindset of lucid clarity the transcendent Buddha have a mind without fear and disorder. " Then the Buddha gave the Sutra of Sanghata. (A reading of the utmost importance 7 page or index reading)


As a result of this public education, the news that Shidarta Gautama had reached the full realization of the state of Buddha spread throughout the country and beyond, to reach the ears of the father of Shidarta to Kapilavasdu. Sudoddhana The king, father of Buddha, did call one of his ministers with him on giving him a mission.
Take thousand soldiers with you and go find my son Buddha; invite them here to Kapilavasdu. You send him this message: "Dear son Shidarta, now your father is old and before leaving this world I would like to pay tribute to my son Buddha. I hope my dear, noble son to visit the palace Kapilavasdu." Obedient to the king Minister thousand men gathered with him and sent to win the place where the living son of the king. When he arrived in the city he went directly to the monastery of Buddha. Blessed was in the process of issuing education at which everyone present became Arathi released and therefore the minister and the thousand men who also received such education became all Arathi and immediately incorporated the monastic community. Besides the fact that they returned to Kapilavasdu, the minister with his men totally forgot the purpose of the visit and the message from the king..


As the king Sudoddhana person did return after 6 months he sent another minister with a thousand men to move forward the message to his son Shidarta. When they were arrived, they listened to the Buddha deliver their education after which also became Arathi, completely forgetting the purpose of their mission. Having still no news of her son Buddha, the king sent Sudoddhana once again a minister and a thousand men who suffered the same fate as previous ministers and men deployed. Refusing to despair, the father of Buddha continued to send men who Arathi eventually all the monks and thereby to the Lord Buddha, forgetting the royal message. had sent nine thousand men and nine of his ministers without ever having new and even less of her son Buddha, King thinks Sudoddhana
All my men and soldiers Minister: I can not count on anybody? man on what going to have to be sure of the outcome of this simple task?
King has thought Kaludahi, born at the same time as the Buddha and was always a man of confidence . He called and said:
If you entrust the mission to invite my son Buddha, are you able to transmit my message is here in Kapilavasdu?

I can tell you that I will be tempted to become a monk if I go there!
Do what you want. If its become a monk, its not my problem: be a monk! All what I ask of me is my son here! This will seem impossible?
Yes, Your Majesty: I promise to bring you
left Kaludahi So with thousand men. When all the Buddha came from a single education they need to become Arathi for 7 days and nobody said anything about the message of Buddha father. The eighth day Kaludahi Buddha finally sent the message that the king had promised to convey: Noble Buddha, your father the king Sudoddhana me to send you a message: he wants to invite you now is because Kapilavasdu summer and can travel easily and is the best time to travel and go to Kapilavasdu.
The day after the full moon of Buddha began in April en route to Kapilavasdu together twenty thousand monks whose half were from Kapilavasdu

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