Then the Lord Buddha Bagawan who has knowledge of all objects know him said:
sesenadi, Your Majesty, there is a truth that I have taught you, so listen! There are four world things that should never be underestimated because they are young and immature!
What are these four things?
First, we must never underestimate a fire because he is young, a young fire can do a lot of devastation, if we pay attention its power is not commensurate with his age!
The second thing that must not be underestimated because of his young age is a warrior, because despite his young age he can do a lot of blood flow, is not it? The third thing we must never underestimate the pretext of his young age is a snake, the venom of a young snake can be as deadly as that of an old snake, is not it?
The fourth object that we should not underestimate the pretext of his young age is a monk! Even the younger monks can be a Ahrat Bagawan despite his young appearance! What have you to replicate now, king of Sarasvatti?
I can not replicate, I can only tell you that your wisdom is great and now I Never underestimate anything more because of his younger!
After spending the night at the palace on the way back towards the Parc des gazelles, Blessed arrived on the river Ganga. In this rainy season the river had the appearance of a river rather than a river! Blessed wanting to cross the river, he asked the smuggler to grant him a place on board the ferry used to cross the turbulent river. Blessed But without money can not pay the smuggler, it categorically refused to board the blessed! Then the Buddha felt it was time to present his credentials in this age of ungodly without faith or respect. So at that time Blessed showing an arc in the sky that took source on both sides opposed marched on the rainbow as a bridge! The smuggler surprised bowed taken remorse and wept profusely. All those present attended also on the new miracle and quickly came to the king of Benares, which promulga immediately a law stipulating that any religion can embark on board ferries and cross the river Ganga free, for all the time of his reign and that of his successors on the throne.


Back to the community of monks Blessed attended a dispute between the monks. Two groups of monks were fighting for menial issues related to the settlement of discipline; Buddha twice tried to calm the atmosphere became tense, but in vain. As the community of monks pay no attention to the wise counsel of the Buddha, Blessed disappointed went out alone in the jungle, to isolate themselves in the tranquility of nature and recharge.
He chose a wonderful location near a small waterfall and a small lagoon, you could see sometimes the backbone silver fish emerged from the water to try to swallow some insect. In this quiet place, far from the unrest and human disputes, Blessed also could see some birds of paradise loot the nectar of flowers that cluster fell from the top of the waterfall. A
morning that Blessed was sitting in meditation posture, his mind focused contemplating the truth itself that is not dependent on any object, an elephant of an impressive size came to him. The pachyderm bowed respectfully before the Blessed, and Buddha gave him the name of Pali. The elephant was very helpful with Buddha, sweeping dead leaves with his trunk around the Buddha. And when the Blessed collect some food left the pachyderm accompanied the Buddha to the village, taking him his bowl with his trunk, the Buddha sitting on his back. During the night Pali elephant with a careful eye on the alert Buddha. Pali would sometimes pick some fresh mango and bananas to offer the Buddha, wrapped in a banana leaf. A morning like every morning Pali pachyderm swept the place of Buddha, the top of the top of a tree a monkey observed the scene. The monkey decided: too want to do a good deed for the Buddha. For this I am sure deserves to release me


after that animal life, and then access to higher status, human or divine.
The monkey went to look for honey in the wild hives perched high on top of trees. When he had gathered enough honey it l offered to Buddha. For there is no jealousy between the pachyderm and monkeys, Blessed cut pieces of mango and mixed with honey. Blessed ate with joy this wonderful mixture. The monkey was so happy to see the Buddha appreciate his honey he began to shout and dance. then climbing on top of the trees he began to branch to branch, one of the branches broke and monkeys fell so high that he died on the coup. But through merit acquired earlier by its offering of honey monkey is reincarnated gods in heaven and earned a deva upper body.
Time went peacefully, Blessed and his friend Pali elephant remained together throughout the season of autumn.
Meanwhile monastery in the conflict between the monks of the community was only escalate and had taken such an extent that they eventually establish two clans did not attend. Villagers nearby major donors of food, complained of the absence of the Buddha, and little by little they understood his reason. People by mutual agreement stopped donate food to community. panicked monks réconcilièrent very quickly and decided to seek the Buddha in the jungle.
Venerable Ananda, cousin and disciple of Buddha, in search of Buddha, with a few monks . They went into the jungle, where they approached the Buddha, Pali elephant took them for enemies and instructed the group of monks, with its three tons. The person completely tamed, the Bagawan gave him the order to leave the monks alone, "Pali, lying! Not move! Gentil, Pali! ;And immediately obedient elephant lying on the ground as a sign of obedience. Venerable Ananda, recounted after the end of the conflict in the community of monks, the Buddha asked to return to the monastery and said that all community and the villagers looked forward to his return. Buddha agreed to return to the monastery, and when they were preparing to leave, the elephant to prevent them crossing the road! Buddha who fully understood the language of animals made the translation: He wishes to make a donation, stay one night here to make him happy.Throughout the night went Pali picking fruit and he offered to all in the early morning. Then the Buddha and the monks went on the road towards monastery. Pali wanted to accompany them; Buddha refused and told him: You have to stay in the jungle: there is no place for you among humans, some might hurt you. Pali was so saddened to see from the Buddha by leaving alone, he died of grief shortly afterwards, refusing to eat. Like the monkey he obtained a rebirth in higher paradise gods..

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