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The girl laughed and Shidarta too. So together they laughed all their joy. A shadu watching the scene, discreetly hidden behind a tree. This ascetic returned to the place where his companions remained of practice. He told then that he had seen the scene of a scandalous religious sharing meals with a female! All saddhus and yogis present were shocked. Never in living memory clan saddhus had heard or seen such debauchery. The former religious summoned all religious at an extraordinary meeting that evening. That night they decided by mutual agreement to visit the place of Shidarta and the hunt clan of those who practice austerity and virtue. Indeed, these priests went to the scene, and before Shidarta sitting in meditation posture the oldest wrote to him saying: Will in here, wicked! There you caught in the middle of debauchery with a female, you are not fit to remain among us. Will in far from here and does not excuse our decision is irrevocable. Will it! Will t-in here, you do not religious.


Turning, he deliberately heading east.
in the Buddhist tradition is a symbol of future achievements: just as the sun, stars and planets Rising in the east, and all sorts of good things coming from the east Choosing the right direction, symbolically positive and conducive, Shidarta away without regret and without return. Walking while meditating for a long time, he thought starting to see more clearly: the middle lane, avoiding any extreme is the path of wisdom. I now follow this path in my life.
Shidarta found that the middle way is the right path.

He again to eat properly and regain human appearance. Soon found its forces completely, then he could just find meditation and concentration clear. Sitting at the foot of a fig tree, living in solitude, he decided not to leave this place until key issues have been clarified!
Sometimes during the meditations of Shidarta a tear on his cheek sinking : Thoughts of regret came from the back of his mind he thought his wife and his child Kapilavasdu. After all Shidarta Gautama, prince of the kingdom of heir Kapilavasdu, is a man with a heart and feelings he said at merits of itself. Soon, he re he saw in his mind the nature infant (attachment ego) disruptive of serenity. He understood very quickly that they are only manifestations of the demon of illusion, a man named Marra the tempter, and many of its troops. Shidarta expresses himself strongly reject any thought disruptive and I remain firm in my meditation. During that night other events tried to distract Shidarta its meditative concentration uniting lucidity, clarity of mind in itself, serenity and inner peace.

Nothing can Disrupting Shidarta, his spiritual body (his soul) began to put an aura unbearable for Marra, and its troops gradually abandoning a Shidarta disrupt the demons away. The gods are also trying to thwart the meditation Shidarta trying to influence the course of this thought by feelings of pride or desire. Shidarta remains as strong as mountains, a rain of fragrant flowers fall from the sky; Shidarta remains calm and imperturbable. So these flowers turn into weapons and then burning; smiling Blessed imperturbable remains seated and concentrated.

At four oclock in the morning between Shidarta Gautama in history: it is what we know now known as the Buddha.
In a flash illuminating this morning darkness of ignorance, Gautama realized Shidarta (he had the vision rather) the essence of all that exists. He realized the state of knowledge said no return a bit like a person moving in the dark, completely blinded by darkness: if this person is a lamp l darkness has no effect on her. This is called state without back the state of no return where knowledge illuminates the darkness of ignorance!

The first thing that made the Buddha is a prerequisite for change and interdependence of all phenomena, visible or invisible. All elements of the universe, planets and atoms, the ant and elephant, human, material, the four elements are interdependent relationship without any autonomy, all participate at different levels, to the great clock of life.

The second feeling Buddha this morning is the suffering of all living beings. All living beings are caught in nets and conditioned the existence undergo involuntary suffering they cause themselves by their ignorance of the consequences of their actions, thoughts and words. Ignoring what should adopt and what to reject, like madmen they reiterated their actions they will inevitably suffer the consequences.

The 3rd vision (understanding) of Shidarta this morning has resulted in the 4 noble truths.
1st-The suffering of all living things.
2nd-The origin of suffering. 3rd-Means to be done to stop the suffering.
4th - The release, the enlightenment.
The most important discovery was that Shidarta that day: the truth means to implement for liberation from all suffering! Specifically: trigger links fate in a reverse process to become. These links are divided into 12 independent causalities. Take an example of process of becoming. From ignorance is the dual consciousness of self and the outside, then the desire and hatred, then seizing and repulsion, both reactions generate karma and fate (Renaissance) and finally death, the loop is closed. To free up the wheel must begin the reverse process by various methods that teaching by Buddha in the form of 84,000 lessons tailored to all kinds of temperaments.


That morning early in the day rising sun flooded the jungle ray of light. From there came an atmosphere sacred: the gigantic trees, light and the holy presence of Buddha gave the impression of being in a cathedral rather than in the jungle. In the valley of lush plants to Bodhgaya, that morning a deep silence reigned, even in animals. In birds and monkeys yet every morning express their presence by singing and shouting. Well this morning a fly does not seemed to bother the Buddha entered again in a kind of meditative contemplation.

The calm that prevailed in the valley of Bodh Gaya was in truth an apparent calm, as if the metaphor of the calm before the storm Dark forces that govern the universe, hidden in the shadow of ignorance collective Marra and ordered his troops to the four elements (air, fire, earth, water) to unleash their destructive forces on the peaceful valley Bodhgaya. And when torrential rain over the valley and the largest hailstones an orange. In the bowels of our planet earth, the realm of naga snakes, guardians of virtue, the King of Naga, snake giant more than 50 meters from his body brooding giant crystal sphere, saw his gaze within extralucide the sphere obstacles and attacks Marra and his troops to destroy the calm and meditative serenity of the Buddha.

After going through the tunnels Naga king snake emerged from underground, looking at the top of its 15-meter Buddha in the eye. Then enrolling around the Buddha with delicacy he used his own body to offer a comfortable seat Buddha; Naga king snakes inflated his cheeks like a cobra and wide served as head of the snake Buddha umbrella. Marra watched the scene from the depths of the collective unconscious; seeing his Machiavellian plans foiled he appeared before the Buddha in a flash. Face to face with the Buddha, screams of abuse. Buddha smiled, impassive. Marra then sent his own daughters, five young girls more beautiful one than the other. Undulating around the Buddha playing hip, they smile and intone the lyrics of songs sensual Come my prince. Take me in your arms, Im all yours. Done what you want my body burning desire for you . So Blessed are set to look at the transcendent power five young girls. In an instant their hair became white teeth fell from their mouth one by one, their skin Rida. They became five old ladies who run away screaming. Buddha
impassive, his smiling face illuminated wisdom and transcendent knowledge, rose to heaven his right hand and then touched the ground when the Buddha spoke in these take the earth to witness the one who has overcome ignorance by truth self, I am released from the production wrapped, acts clumsy with their consequences.
discovered way that releases the pain and causes that create the suffering I the guide for all living beings, I lead all beings beyond the suffering! Marra and your illusions, shadow universal matrix of life, production conditioned by ignorance: going in far from here! You're an illusion without soul, your power has no effect on me. Will illusion in mind, away - you and return to the darkness of collective unconsciousness, the day will come when you will have nobody to deceive!"

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