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Marra, supporting not to hear more, vanishes as a cloud of water vapor and blessed smiles. The next day was calm returned to the valley Bodhgaya, a rainbow appeared to be rooted to the place where the Blessed Buddha meditated. An aura of gold came from the body of Buddha in meditation and a perfume of holiness embaumant entire valley.
At sunset Blessed decided to leave the production and fulfillment being finalized, it should now be disclosed to the teaching of genuine achievement on behalf of the Dharma Wheel . On the way he met a ascetic in appearance heretical: hair dirty naked body painted with the ashes of cremation of corpses. The ascetic wrote to the Buddha
Oh! As you are bright and seem blessed! It emerges from a peace that you never in my life I had known. What is your name? What kind of austerity do you?
What is your doctrine? What is your master?. The Smiling Buddha replied: -" I am the Bagawan, which means the winner. My teacher is my own mind! I am omniscient: I know everything and I dominates everything. I have overcome all obscurations mind, I am totally free of devotion, I gained knowledge of the absolute essence of all living things. Nobody can equal, neither gods or demon, not even human beings. In this illusory world I am the only totally free. I am going to Benares now teach the truth of Dharma.
If I understand you are a Buddha liberated from rebirths and suffering of life. That's right?Yes! I have overcome all suffering, birth has been defeated and that the lot of suffering that follow: old age, sickness and death. I am the Bagawan. I go to Benares to teach the truth of the authentic teaching of the truth itself.

The ascetic and bowed out of the side of the road to allow the Buddha.
Blessed Lord Buddha continued his journey to Benares where he arrived in the forest hermits, known today as Park my gazelles. Sat in a circle around a campfire five ascetics, former companions of the austerities ascetical practice that previously Suzata Buddha. Seeing the Buddha blessed happen, they went first to criticize. Do not do anything for the host is a false practice. Suzata was surprised in the midst of debauchery sharing his food with a female. Leave it! . And by mutual agreement, the Ascetic of virtue, is promising to do nothing for the host, totally ignoring the presence of the Buddha, remained as they had agreed inert and impassive, talking among themselves without paying attention to behind the presence of Buddha.


Then the monks returning to watch Buddha, they saw that Shidarta had changed: it was from him a nobility and majesty without equal radiation of a person accomplished. The aura of holiness from Shidarta immediately impressed the assembly of monks, changing their attitude totally, welcomed the Buddha by offering him a seat, water for washing feet, a cotton cloth for drying, a bowl of rice pudding and a bowl of water for drinking. Having restored the Buddha spoke to the assembly of the first five disciples
Listen carefully, noble Mahakasaypa monks, Ananda, Sariputra, Bhaddiya and Kondanfifia: one who has renounced the world must not abandon the extremes! What are these extremes? The first of these extremes is complacent in objects of pleasure, which is low and vulgar, unsatisfactory! Like salt water that never enough your thirst. The second these extremes in mortification, asceticism, which is painful, unworthy, demeaning to the body and mind; unworthy and without profit! Nobles monks who are assembled here, listen to your attention the noble way, the fair way that I discovered and implemented. This middle way it leads you to wisdom, it leads to peace, it leads to self-knowledge, and finally nirvana, the total liberation from suffering c That is to say the state of ahrat.
Ahrat: person released from rebirths unintentional and has acquired the status of self-knowledge without back - no return to ignorance - The remains Ahrat the state of appreciation for the free spirit forever obscurations
Listen to me, noble monks. I have achieved in practicing the middle lane state Ahrat, I am the Only in this world to have achieved this status.
Those who have reached the dirt of the cessation of desire and aversion are winners Bagawan. As I have conquered my own, therefore I am a winner, the Bagawan Ahrat Buddha! Oh, monks! Avoid these two extremes, use just attitude, adopt only the middle lane. Avoid extremes. Myself and I practiced. Through this practice I saw the four noble truths, and this practice is only able to emerge intuitive wisdom is a practice that kills you obscurations and the rule of Buddha.
What is this noble practice of the middle way that enables the development of knowledge transcendental?
- "These eight practices accumulations of merit and wisdom are the path to the ahrat state.
(1) Understanding just
(2) The thought just
(3) the floor just
(4) the right action
(5) livelihood just
(6) effort just
(7) study just
(8) just meditation.


These eight practices named Prajnaparamita I practiced and for this reason I directed the attention of four noble truths. What are the four noble truths? <br/> (1) The truth of suffering. (2) The truth of the origin of suffering. (3) The truth of the track. (4) The truth of the project.
Monks Oh! I accomplished this noble attitude thanks to the performance of Reaching the awakening of the intuitive wisdom and the ultimate healing of obscurations, and eventually achieving the status of Buddha! Moines, there is the suffering of birth and rebirth involuntary ago suffering from old age, pain of death, the pain of having to live with those we dislike, the pain of separation from those we love, suffering not get what we want. Moines The reason for all this suffering is attachment to existence, the thirst for life; reject it as it rejects a nasty spat.
The following day, through listening and the true teachings, implementing the word of Buddha at a time when they intended education, Kondafifa became the first disciple of Buddha: it begged the Buddha to accept as a disciple
Lord Bagawan Buddha perfectly done, take me as a disciple!
Come, monk. Pratique the way I taught thee is the only way healthy. Get rid of suffering
The four monks followed. In the meantime, the world had only six months. The first five disciples became quickly Ahrat made, in addition to the first group of five, the sermon was heard by millions of eighteen scholars and countless gods
The next day to dawn, a messenger of the king of the Kingdom of Sarasvatti sent a message to Buddha (in ancient times these messengers were custom).You are invited to the palace of His Royal Majesty Pessenadi monarch of the Kingdom of Sarasvatti, and I humbly request you to follow me: I will be your servant throughout the voyage.The Buddha approved a sign of the head and left together after they have left some instructions to the monk disciple of Buddha. King Pessenadi lives for the first time the Buddha whose reputation now exceeded the country. But the king made him mad laughter from his astonishment
Hey! Shidarta monk Gautama of the Kingdom of Kapilavasdu, may I inform you of my surprise?Buddha approved by him nodding.The people of my kingdom and beyond claim that you are a Buddha Bagawan perfectly done, but I doubt me, given your young age: you seem very young and I am skeptical about your alleged achievements

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