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Once upon a time;

We are 2500 years ago. In the province of Kapilavasdu Queen Maya had a prophetic dream: she dreamed that a white elephant entering her body by the right flank. So the magicians and astrologers of the time they announced him a happy event.Ten months after his dream Queen Maya felt a strong desire to visit his land of origin, the Kingdom of Devadaha. She asked the king agreed to let the palace of his father. Approving the wish of his wife King took the necessary arrangements for his trip: protected by many soldiers it was carried in a palanquin beautifully decorated with gold and flowers. Along the way, while the procession was passing wood Lumbini, the place seduced by the queen ordered the carriers to stop there, to enjoy a break in the cool of the woods. While Queen enjoying a pleasant rest time came to give birth to her child. This Friday of the full moon in May, under a Shorea robusta (sal) tree, Queen Maya gave birth to a child of extraordinary appearance. The child immediately began standing and walking making it fit in September not heading east, then stop standing he said: "I am the most noble in this world, I am the victorious Buddha worthy of praise, I do reborn more in this world, nor in others. I am the Buddha liberated from rebirths And all around him, then around the world and beyond, the message was transmitted. First the wind began to blow and seemed to sing the praises of future victories of the lord. Then the wind browsing the treetops plains and valleys, birds and all nature seemed to be aware of the birth of this exceptional.


As he was recommended to the queen to return to Kapilavasdu not continue its journey, the procession made a U-turn. Once back at the palace, Maya consulted the soothsayers and astrologers: Maya asked what would be the future of his child. The astrologer lives for this child two possible fates: Either a great king who will prosper the kingdom, a great religious leader in spiritual power. In any event whatever the choice that this child will succeed it. The father listened carefully to the soothsayer predictions. Later his parents decided to name the child Shidarta Gautama, which means in Sanskrit, one that achieves all its objectives. His father, very attentive and very attached to the quality of life of his son ( with the objective to become his successor as king of Kapilavasdu) decided and ordered throughout the kingdom that no beggar (lest the sight of poor wake in Shidarta compassion and thereby the religious) that no sick, old or dying Do the kingdom or remain there and especially Do the premises of the palace. The father, aware of predictions, will spare no effort to spare his son any interrogation. Shidarta therefore unaware of old age, poverty, disease and death, and he grew up in comfort and the tranquility of the royal palace. Her education was followed by prominent professors and aimed to make the child be educated in all fields: science, humanities, languages and astrology, mathematics, and especially political, at the request of his father. An officer from the royal guard taught him to ride, shoot archery and fighting with the spear, sword and scabbard. Shidarta was very gifted in all areas and did not need a lesson, indeed rather Shidarta who instructed his teachers! The years spent in quiet and carelessness of childhood, and his father always looked down that nothing can interfere in educating the young prince..

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