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Man, after coming to this planet earth, you have committed non-virtuous actions' at that time the Dharma king granted teachings to the death person in verses: "you have seen a tathagata arise and heard the beating of the gong. You hav heard the teaching of Dharma that goes to the peace of nirvana. Nevertheless, you did not act". At that, the man spoke in reply: 'i was of childish mind, coming under the sway of wicked friends. With a befuddled by desire i committed wicked acts. I followed my desires as well, and took the lives of living beings. I wasted even what belongs to the Sangha. Unbearable is the fruit that comes from that. With a mind that would do harm, i caused the destruction of stupas, i uttered too abusive words even my mother, i tormented. Of what i did with my body, the shortcomings i recognize in the great hell of lamenting, extremely unbearable rebirths i see i will feel the sensations of crushing hell. Like wise i will experience sensations in the extremely hot hell and in unbearable Mahavici. Split open in great lotus hell, and as a hell being, into these sufferings in the greatly fearsome "marked with black lines" i will be born one hundred times. After they are killed, hell beings again will see those frightful things. Over and over, they will fall one hundred yójana into great dangers and they will not find any way out. Later, they will plonge into darkness in the hell that bears the name "razor", a thousand razars will arize. They will be born in front of razors.In the hundreds of thousands of millions. Due to fautly deeds i have done. My body will be sliced by them. The body will be destroyed completely by unbearable great and churning winds. Continually in hells like these i will experience suffering all these beings will see me, my body in tremendous pain. I took away others wealth, as well, in order to sustain my household. Oh my sons and my daughters, brothers an sister, similarly, father, mother likewise, too, many friends and relatives, and servants and laborers, and cattle, livestock and assistants: i went astray toward aims that were bad. For vessels of gold and silver, and likewise for soft, fine garnements, an setting out to make a home: through all of these, i went astray. A very splendid house i built, with men and women, lounging about. I went astray through the lute and cymbal, my uncontrolled mind filled with delight. Though my body was washed in scented waters, even now it still lacks gratitude. Body, you are mindless, but for your sake i went astray. In the future, not one sole being will become my protector, when a great and churning wind unbearably ravishes my body. Likewise i ate exquisite tasty foods, savoring variety with my tongue. Around my head were bound extremely many well-made garlands, lovely ones. But beauty my eyes were led astray. There is no protection for the eyes. The eyes are the cause of those misdeeds i committed after i had seen. My ears are the cause for which hands were torn and cut by diamonds.On both my arms were fastened bracelets. Rings were placed upon my fingers. About my throad were strands of pearls. Even both legs were heavily aborned. Chain anklets were fashioned for them, and on them too there rested gold. My body had diverse gems upon it, and likewise too were bands of gold. Amusing myself with my great wealth, my mind became extremely attached. Once i had touched very smooth things, with strong craving, i kept them close. I also placed my body atop a variety of carpets and beddings. After bathing in excellent fragant waters, i anointed my body with fragrance. I scented the air with incense of divine camphor and sandalwood. I beautified my complexion. I daubed myself lavishly with musk. After anointing myself with scented antique oils, and jasmine and champaka flowers i clothed myself in garment of fine, white Benarès muslim. After coming down from back of an elephant, i mounted atop the back of a horse. I thought of myself as a king. People scurried in front of me. I was excessively familiar with female attendants who were highly trained in song and dance. Wild animals who had done no harm, with arrows i struck and killed. Because i did not know of future lives, i committed wicked acts like these. I ate the flesh of other beings, and thus this suffering of mine will become unbearable. But i did not understand death. I was of a childish mind and so i nourished my body. Now that death has come to me today, i have no one at all as a protector, all you friends and relatives why do you look into my face?. For what do you wear tattered mourning clothes? For what do you weep and loosen and dishevel your hair? For what do you draw blood in grief? For what do yo scatter dust about the head? For what do you beat your breast? During my lifetime i ought to have abandoned wickedness, why are you in anguish? My body has become the food of jackals, dogs, crows and birds. It is of no use to nourish this body it is the property of the serpent of death, and thus a person will continually be born. The medicine that frees one from this fear- that is the sort of medicine to take. The medicine that the doctors cave- that is not use to me. Give me now, at my dying time, the medicine of Dharma that sets one free from the serpent of the delusions. Do not give flesh to me. Though this body has been nurtured so, it will be destroyed, inevitably. Since it bestowns suffering, why take up this heap of wickedness? This body, though tender with great care, will engage in vicious acts. Son and daughter, for what reason do you gaze upon me with your eyes? Protect me from this illness! Oh my son and my daughter, why do you weep pointlessly? Do nothing unworthy for my sake. In order to support you, i even plundered other wealth. Now that my death time has arrived, it is hopeless what to do? I am terrified of birth and lower realms

i am completely crushed by dying as well. I feel acutely the sense of touch of discrimination, sensations and conditioned mental factors. Due to craving, childish beings wander and reach unbearable results. Birth into bad families: there too one is bound to grief. Knowing i had little merit, i caused trouble for others, my generosity and ethics deteriorated completely. And i turned my back on the Dharma, because i did not understand rebirth, i was deluded by the serpent of delusion. Due to ignorance childish beings wander where there is no liberation. Not knowing the meaning of liberation, confused, they commit wicked acts due to delusions, childish beings wander, their minds continually disturbed. In the body that has various types of bonds, fire blazes and burns it up. In places where there is no happiness, confused the body utterly wanders. It does not know that happiness from which utter happiness arises. The field of the buddha that gives happiness, the wheel of the Dharma that is the supreme medicine, ethical conduct that is true ethics. These are the pure voice of the tathagata'. Then the Blessed One spoke to the bodhisattva the great being Bhaishajya-sèna, although sentient beings weep and lament at their time of death, no one will be their protector except for the ripening of the result of good actions they have done'.The Blessed One spoke these words and uttered the following verses as well: by committing wicked acts, they will be dressed in burning garnements in their thirst, they will drink molten iron. Burning embers will fall on their bodies. Once burnt, in the extremely unbearable greatly terrifying hells, they will not know happiness. They will not know Dharma either in any way. Due to what is not Dharma, childish beings wander, not finding even the slightest happiness. Those who have faith and ethics in abondance, possess wisdom and great austerity, and associate with virtuous friends- these will swiftly become a tathagata. To arise as a buddha in the world supreme joyfull effort must be made, all sentient beings held within one's care and one must teach the Dharma of virtuous action. On loving thoughts, and likewise too, on suprème celibacy remain focused. Bhaishajya-sèna after having heard this speech you should practice this supremely. Seeing liberation, and enlightened, and the leader whose speech is acclaimed, and father and the mother of the world, he is called "bodhicitta" a virtuous friend who teaches this Dharma in the world is supremely rare. Those who listen with respect to the teaching of buddha will become unsurpassed buddhas gone-to-bliss. Those who are respectful, toward the peaceful buddha heirs will also become the protectors of the world, releasing all sentient beings at that, the bodhisattva, the great being Bhaishajya-sèna said this to the Blessed One: 'Blessed One, why are the cliff sides here trembling, greatly trembling?' He said this, and the Blessed One said to the bodhisattva, the great being Bhaishajya-sèna: 'Bhaishajya-sèna look and see' The bodhisattva, the great being Bhaishajya-sèna looked and saw fissures in the earth in the four directions. He saw twenty million people appear from the ravines that had been opened by the fissures in the earth. He saw twenty million people appear from below, and twenty-five million people appear from above. Then those young beings observed that and said to the Blessed One: 'Blessed One who are these born here?' The Blessed One said: 'Look at this group of beings' They said: 'Blessed One, we see them' The Blessed One said: 'This group of beings was born for the sake of your happiness' They said: 'will these sentient beings die, too?' The Blessed one said: 'friends, that is so, all sentient beings will die'. Then the previous young sentient beings, those who were born first, bowed down with their palms together toward the Blessed one and said to the Blessed One: 'Blessed One, we would not like to see birth and death again'. The Blessed One said: 'well then, would you like acquire the power of joyful effort? They said: 'May we see the tathagata directly then may we listen to the Dharma that we have requested to hear and that is delightful. May we see the assembly of the tathagata's Shravaka Sangha. May we see the bodhisattvas who have great supernatural abilities and great power.Blessed One, there are the sorts of things we like. We do not like to look at birth and death'. Then, through supernatural powers, the bodhisattva, the great being Bhaishajya-sèna and 500 other bodhisattvas arose from their seats simultaneously, and all arose into the space above through supernatural powers. They sat cross-legged and concentrated. From all their bodies, lions appeared, tigers appeared, snakes appeared, elephants appeared, they reveal a display of great supernatural powers. On the mountain too, they sat cross-legged and went upwards a distance of 20,000 yójanas. They caused 10,000 million moons and suns to descend as well. Then the young sentient beings said to the Blessed One: 'Blessed one, what is the reason and what are the conditions for there being light rays and for the great supernatural diplays appearing in the world?' The Blessed One said: 'children of the lineage, look at the moon and sun appearing'. They said: 'Blessed One, we see them, sugata, we see them'. The Blessed One said: 'as for these, bodhisattvas displays light rays shining from their own bodies and supernatural powers and magical transformations. After they dispay them, they teach the Dharma to sentient beings for the benefit of many beings, for the happiness of many beings, out of compassionate affection for the world, and for the aims, benefit and happiness of the great collections of beings and devas and humans. After displaying here human bodies, strengh and joyful effort, they demonstrate such sorts of power'.They said: 'Blessed One, please give a Dharma teach in order to bring about the appearance of light rays shining'. As soon as they said this, the Blessed One said to the bodhisatva, the great being Bhaishajya-sèna: 'Bhaishajya-sèna, did you see the galaxy of a billion world systems tremble in six ways?'. He said: 'Blessed One, i have seen it, sugata, i have seen it'. And he was considering,'what if i were to ask the tathagata about this point?' as he though thus, the Blessed One said: 'Bhaishajya-sèna whatever you wish, and i will satisfy your mind with an explanation of whatever you ask. I will teach, i will analyze. Bhaishajya-sèna, i will show all that belongs to the devas. 84,000 million bodhisatvas, 12,000 million Naga kings, 18,000 million Bhutas and 25,000 million Pretas and Pishachas'. The Blessed One said: 'Bhaishajya-sèna without a doubt, these sentient beings have gathered in an assembly before me and down in order to hear the Dharma. Bhaishajya-sèna, on this very day they will overcome cyclic existence. Out of a wish to benefit all sentient beings, on this very day they will attain the ten grounds. Having been established on the then grounds, they will attain the sphere of nirvana. For the sake of liberation from aging and death, after doing deeds to bring about happiness and to vanquish the noose of the delusions, they will accomplish the buddha's teachings. He said: 'Blessed One, many abodes for sentient beings have arisen due to various karmas. Why do they remain surrounding the Blessed One?

The Blessed One said: 'Bhaishajya-sèna, listen. Sentient beings, who are confused and do not know: how could they become free? These many young sentient beings today will attain dharanis. In order to attain the ten grounds, they will come to fully know all dharmas, and they will attain those ten grounds. They will perform the activities of a buddha they will turn the well of the Dharma they will release a rain of Dharma. Thus, since beings have gathered. My teaching will be delightful. Devas and Nagas and Pretas, and terribly unbearable asuras will be established on the ten grounds. They will proclaim the sound of the Dharma. They will beat the Dharma gong. They will sound the Dharma conch. These young sentient beings also will have the power of joyful effort. Just as the tathagata attained it, so will they attain the Dharma today. Then 5,000 of the young beings arose from their seat, placed their palms together, bowed down in the direction of the Blessed One and said to the Blessed One: since there is no end found to bondage within samsara, the body is a heavy burden, Blessed One, greatly fearful, unbearable. We find no path whatsoever, indeed no path is seen, and thus protector, since we are blind, we ask you to gathered us in. To you, the hero, we make requests. May the guide teach the Dharma. We were born with little wisdom and find no happiness at all. Please do teach the Dharma to us. From unbearable suffering, set us free. Wherever it is that we are born, may we see a buddha there. Then the bodhisattva, the great being Bhaishajya-sèna went to where the young beings were and said the following: Have something to eat. Have some wonderful tasting drinks. Later when your fear has gone, listen to the Dharma fearlessly. They said: Venerable elder, who are you? We ourselves do not know you. We see that you are beautiful, your form is serene and your fame great. Yo are released from the great fears of the world of pretas, hell beings and animals just like one who beautifies the world, all your negativity is pacified. We see a vessel in your hand made of seven precious substances and a cord of jewels on your body, ornamented with a mass of radiance. To the words spoken by you who are peaceful, we are unable to offer any reply. We do not need delicious drinks. From food what emerges is excrement. Likewise, what is drunk becomes urine. Juices transform into blood in the same way, from blood comes flesh thus, we do not need even nicely prepared food and drinks, nor do we need fine garments of woven silk or woolen cloth. Golden bracelets we do not need. We have no need of strands of pearls. On our fingers, we need no rings. All these are transient in nature. We seek a life that does not go to migrations that are bad. We strive for the devas happiness and for the giving of Dharma virtuous friends are what we need, not to be wheel-turning kings. Having left behind a lovely continent, wheel-turning kings will also die. Sons will not follow after them, nor will wives or daughters. The seven precious things will be left behind; they will not follow after them. Though they gather many people to them, these will not follow along behind. No one will scurry in front of them, nor will it be thus later on. After being a king for just one life, due to impermanence, they will wander due to having done many wicked acts, they will fall into the howling hell. After being surrounded on all four sides by seven jewels and by amazing power, when the time for the howling hell ripens, where will that amazing power be? Since they are nowhere to be found on earth, having died, they cannot display there powers. Elder, please listen to us: please go to where the tathagata is. We earnestly wish to see him, just like a mother or father we do not have any mother, nor have we a father or siblings. The tathagata is chief in this world he is father and mother. He is the sun and the moon. He reveals the path to happiness. He liberates us from samsara, so that we are not reborn later. He is the boat that saves us from the river, and the terrifying river of the delusions. By him, beings are completely freed. They will not come back again. He who shows supreme enlightenment explains the holy Dharma, too. We do not have need of food. We do not wish the result of a kingdom. Those who fear the realms of hell should not go to the devas world. The life of a human is happy: there the all-knowing one appears. Due to harmful actions one has done oneself, one's life is short and one wanders. They do not know death do not know and have fear.These confused by impermanence do not know the subtle Dharma. They do not perform subtle duthes, and do not know the shere of peace. As they face death, they feel no remo$e. Again and again, they are reborn, for long time, overwhelmed with suffering, continually beaten up with sticks, an then they will steal from others, too. Likewise they will be bound and killed. Compelled by revious wickedness, they are bound with the five bonds. Their hopes also will be cut off. They will be pierced with pangs of pain. When their consciousness is ceased, pitifully they will lament: "who will be my protector? Gold and silver and crystal- and my wealth i will offer. I will even become a servant. In the same way that servant do, i will perform any and all tasks'. We don't need kingdom or property, nor either wealth or even grain. We do not need our own body; those who act badly are not freed. This being so, O elder, we do not have need for food those who eat delicious foods, even kings, will also die. Those who drink the best of drinks, deva sons, will also die. Food and drink prepared with skill and of many varied flavors are placed before the king and then with his tongue, he touches them. Then kings become attached to tastes and commit not minor wiched acts, attached to transitory tastes that are lacking in essence. We do not have need of drink nor do we have need of food. What we need is such Dharma itself that liberates us from suffering.

In the one who is released from bondage to craving, freed from bondage to delusions, and fully freed from all bondage: in that Buddha we take refuge. We wish to go for refuge to the great sage who protects the world we also wish to go prostrate to the one who is joyful for beings. Since we do not know your name please tell us your illustrious name. Bhaishajya-sèna said: you and all being likewise have the wish to hear the name. Young beings in the billions surround the tathagata. They said: you are a disciple of Buddha, your name is profoundly well renowned similarly all beings have the wish to hear your name. He said: Bhaishajya-sèna is my name. I am the medicine of sentient beings. The best of all the medicines, that one i will teach to you- the one that pacifies all sicknesses that have infected sentient beings. The sickness of attachment is a great sickness. Unbearable, it terrifies the world. The sickness of ignorance is great and fierce, making one wander mindlessly. Sentient beings go to hells, and likewise, among pretas and animals, these childish beings possessed by anger: how could they be pacified? They said: by hearing this virtuous Dharma, we will be freed from all suffering. We are of childish mind and ignorant but after being freed from all suffering, we abandoned doing wicked acts. May we hear the gift of Dharma. Having given up all wicked acts, we gave up dreadful suffering, too. May we swiftly see the perfect Buddha, the doctor who pacifies all sicknesses. He is the king of physicians, curing those who suffer. To pay homage to the tathagata, elder, please do quickly go. After prostrating, please speak our words to the leader of the world. Pacify fully this disease. The whole body is full ablaze. Pacify this dreadful fire that burns up and destroys our peace. The burden, an extremely fierce and sharp burden, for us, who are overwhelmed with suffering, Oath-bound ascetic, have compassion. Beings bear perpetually the oppressive burden of anger and ignorance. Not knowing how to be freed of the burden, they shoulder it time and time again. Those who do not know the path of freedom and who do not see freedom's path, though they are aware of death, still this does not produce fear. Thinking, 'i will never die' those who rest comfortably are thoroughly confused. Due to that, although they see their mother die, they are unaware some do not recall their father, continually oppressed by disease and disturbed by delusion and karma. How in this case are we to eat?. Ignorant and worn out by suffering, we are exhausted pointlessly. Suffering like this of yours arises on the basis of ignorance. Discrimination, sensations, and conditioned mental factors are a great fearful heavy burden.

Due to craving, childish beings wander thoroughly, unaware of Dharma. Surrounded by the burden of the body, they are born into the world meaninglessly. They need clean, exquisite clothes, water to bathe in and lotions. They will need delicious food that is gratifying to the body. The ear likewise make one seek out the five attractive musical instruments. The eyes make one attached to figures made of the seven precious substance. The tongue also makes one search out all the delicious flovors. They body makes one continually seek soft and light objects to touch. The body attains a flesh-coupling, even with pleasure, and from that, this mindless body is produced. Who would find pleasure in that? In wearing very fine footwear: therain my feet do find pleasure. Yet when it comes the time to die, these clothes and lotions offer no protection. Since even the body is no protection, no need to speak of clothes and lotion. What is called "human" is the body. It will attain breath and great strengh power to listen and analyze. In that, this body has great qualities. Formerly i caroused and roamed always accompanied by horses and elephants. Since i did not know the Dharma that liberates, how attached i was to wicked acts !. Since i did not know about future lives, for my amusement, i had wickedness done. Again and again i was born. Again and again death came tn me. Again and again i saw sorrow, thoroughly bound by lamentation. I saw the deaths of my fathers, of companions , sisters, children, wives. Since all that is compounded is empty, what being with a mind would be attached? But with my mind captive to desire, i thought them to be reliable. I did not observe the peaceful Dharma. There is no joy whatsoever in death. Due to mind obscured by desire is without equal in wickedness, and still it has not been turned away. Mistaken fully, we were born. Beings are endlessly mistaken. Mistaken fully, we hear sounds, holding on to what is not the holy Dharma. We seek liberation and meditation. We will not carry the burden of the body. May me become the chief of beings- Buddhas, teachers- for the sake of the world. A Buddha who reveals the path. Causes a rain of jewels to fall everywhere upon the earth. Foolish beings do not know of what sort the Dharma collection is. One who dedicates their mind to enlightenment will actualize the Dharma collection. All that is compounded is empty. Empty too are riches and wealth. When one sees as empty even oneself, at that point, one has no hopes. Elder, Bhaishajya-sèna, please listen to these words of ours. For the sake of the bodhisattvas, we ask you to go as a messenger. Recalling all the fault of samsara, bodhisattvas are not fatigued. Endowed with effort and great austerity, they will collect all good qualities. Pease go to where the teacher is- the teacher fully awakened into happiness, the conqueror who is not even slightly tired. For our sake, please go say to him: 'you have conquered Mara and vanquished him despite his strength. You quickly set ablaze the Dharma that supports and holds all sentient beings". Since we have not heard the Dharma by which we will become Buddhas, in order to benefit us, elder, we ask that you go quickly. We have not seen the Tathagata, endowed with thirty-two marks. Until we do, we will not cross over. Speaking so, we all wait respectfully. Bhaishajya-sèna said: "look above for a moment. What is it you see up there?". They looked above and they saw three thousand and five hundred towering palaces in all, remaining above, all around. They were decorate exquisitely with seven gems and were well adorned. With a latticework of jewels. Inside were flowers in full bloom, and divine incense wafted down. At that, they questioned the elder: "what is this apparition here of towering palaces, with jeweled latticework and lotus filaments all throughout?. Bhaishajya-sèna said: 'these palaces are for you. Go so that you may see the Buddha'. Bow down to the one who is chief. Who has passed beyond this world, to the one who illuminates the world. They said: 'but we know no path to him, nor is the Tathagata seen. Since we do not know the path, where shall we go to prostrate?. Bhaishajya-sèna said: 'just as space is without bounds and is not susceptible to being touched, so it is not possible to go to bow before the teacher, who gives forth nectar. In just the way mount Sumèru abides, so too is the teacher in his abodes. Mount Sumèru is susceptible to being measured, as is the depth of the great ocean. It is possible to count all the speacks of dust found in a galaxy of one billion world, but there is no knowing the arising of Buddhas, Bodhisattvas from the ten directions bow before him who illuminates the world. They said: 'protector of the world, look at us! Please fulfill our wishes. We bow down from our hearts to the teacher, and from that may we attain the fruit. Bhaishajya-sèna said: the teacher has no attachment to scents; none to garlands or to lotions. He upholds the cause of sentient beings, and by him they will be set free from conditioned existence. Those who have subdued their minds and gone for refuge to Buddha will not be engaged i battle by the supremely terrifying Mara. They will not come under the power of death. They will quickly attain dharani. Their minds will be inspired with pure faith, and after that, they will see the teacher. Then the Blessed One, the Tathagata whose voice is delightful like the sound of a Kalavinka sparrow, displayed a smile. At that, the bodhisattva, the great being Bhaishajya-sèna arose from his seat, bowed down towards the Blessed One with palms joinded and said to the Blessed One: "Blessed One, 84,000 light rays have come forth from your face, and this galaxy of a billion world systems and everything in it is suffised with these light rays. All thirty-two great hells are suffised with them, two. They are also illuminating thirty-two deva realms. These light rays are of a great variety of colors, such as green, yellow, red, white, crimson, crystal and silver. These light rays, after emerging from the face of the Blessed One, did everything to bring about the happiness of the sentient beings of the galaxy of a billion world systems, and after that they returned, circumanbulated the Blessed One seven times and disappeared into the Blessed On's crown.

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