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They said:"May you be victorious, ascetic Gautama. May you be victorious." the Blessed One said:" i see no victor amoust you!. If you abide in a wrong way, how are you to be victors? You naked ones, listen as i express something to benefit you to a childish mind there is nothing pleasant. How are you to be victors? Therefore, with a Buddha-eye i will teach also the profound path. Then those naked ascetics became angry at the Blessed one and generated a mind of disbelief. At that time, at that moment indra, the lord of the devas wielded his thunderbolt. At that , those eighteen million naked ascetics were overcome with fear and stricken with great suffering. They wept and their teaqs began to flow. The Blessed one also made his body disappear, and at that , the naked ascetics sobbed and thier faces filled with tears. Not seeing the Blessed one, they spoke these verses: There is no friend to defend us here likewise no father no mother what we see is like a wildermess: no vacant house or place to stay. Nor is there even water here: there are no trees, no any birds. Here no living being are seen. With no protector, we fell suffering. Since we do not see the tathagata , what we experience is greatly unbearable then, at that time too, the eighteen million naked ascetics arose and knelt whit both feet on the ground. They raised their voices and sang out: tathagata, endowed with compassion, complete Buddha, supreme among humans, please do what will benefit us. Be the refuge for being in despair. Then the Blessed One displayed a smiles and said to the bodhisattva Sarva shura, " Sarva shura, go and explain the Dharma to the heretical naked ascetics from other traditions". He spoke thus, and the bodhisattva, the great being Sarva shura said to the Blessed One, " Blessed One, if the Black Mountain demolishes its boulders prostrating with its peaks to Mount Sumèru, the king of Mountain how am i to teach the Dharma while the tathagata is present? " the Blessed One said:" Be quiet, child of the lineage. The skillful means of the buddhas are many, so go, Sarva shura. Look among the world systems in the ten directions and see where tathagatas are appearing and where these are seats set up. Sarva shura , i myself will teach the Dharma to the heretical naked ascetic from other traditions." the bodhisattva Sarva shura said, Blessed One, by whose supernatural power shall i go, by means of my own supernatural power or rather by the supernatural power of the tathagata?. The Blessed One said:" Sarva shura , go by the blessing of the strength of your own supernatural power. Sarva shura come back by the tathagata supernatural power." then the bodhisattva Sarva shura arose circumanbulated arround the Blessed one and disappeared on that very spot. Then the Blessed One taught the Dharma to those heretics from other traditions:" friends, birth is suffering. Birth itself is also suffering. Once one is born, there arise many fears of suffering. From birth , fears of sickness arise. From sickness, fear of aging arise. From aging, fears of death arise." Blessed One, what is it to say that" from birth fears of being born will be born?". "- from being born as a human many fears arise. Fear of the king arise. Fear of thieves arise , fear of fire arise, fear of poison arises, fear of water arise, fear of wind arises, fears of whirlpools arises, fear of the actions one has done arises. The Blessed one taught the Dharma in many forms, such as this topic of birth, and at that time at that moment the heretical naked ascetics from other traditions were utterly terrified and said." from now on, we will never again aspir to be born." when the Blessed one explained this Sanghata sutra Dharma paryaya the eighteen million heretical naked ascetics from other traditions fully completed the unsurpassed perfect and complete enlightenment . From his own retenue as well, 18,000 bodhisattvas were established on the ten ground and they all emanated supernatural displays as well such as the form of a horse , the form of an elephant, the form of a tiger, the form of a garuda, the form of mount Sumèru and forms like the pattern of a swastika, and some displayed the form of a tree. They all sat cross-legged on lotus thrones as well, nine thousand million bodhisattvas sat down to the right of the Blessed One. Nine thousand million bodhisattvas sat down to the left of the Blessed One, and the Blessed One remained in meditative equipoise the entire time, and appeared to teach Dharma through skillful means. On the seventh day, the Blessed one stretches out

The palm of his hand and knows that the bodhisattvas, the great being Sarva shura is coming there from the Padmottara world system. When the bodhisattva the great being sarva shura was going to the Padmottara world system, by the blessing of the strength of his own supernatural powers, he arrived there in seven days. When the Blessed One stretch out his hand, at that time the bodhisattva Sarva Shura was in the presence of the Blessed one. After circumanbulating the Blessed One three times , his mind became inspired with pure faith in the Blessed One he placed his palms together bowed down to the Blessed One, and said this to the Blessed One : " Blessed One, when i went to all the world systems of the ten directions, Blessed One ; by one of my supernatural powers, i saw 99,000 million buddha fields, and by two supernatural powers, i saw a thousand million Blessed Ones. On the seventh day i arrived at the Padmottara world system, and on the way , i also saw hundreds of thousand of millions of unshakable buddha fields." then Blessed On , first i saw the supernatural displays of the buddhas the blessed One7 and i saw tathagatas teaching the Dharma in 92,000 million buddha field. And on that very day, in 80,000 million buddha fields, i saw 80,000 tathagatas, arhats, perfect and complete buddhas arising in the world. After making prostrations to all those Blessed Ones, i went further. Blessed One , on the very day i passed 39,000 million buddha fields and in those 39,000 million buddha fields , there also arose 39,000 million bodhisattvas. And on that very day, they were completely enlightened in the unsurpassed, perfect and complete enlightenment. I circumanbulated those Blessed Ones, tathagatas, arhats perfect and complete buddhas three times, and became invisible by means of supernatural power. " Blessed One , in sixty million buddha fields also, i saw buddhas, Blessed Ones. Blessed One i made postrations to the buddha fields and to the buddhas and continued on straightaway. " Blessed One, in another eight million Buddha fields , i saw tathagatas producing the deed of passing into nirvana. After making prostrations to those tathagatas as well, i continued on straightaway. " Moreover, Blessed One , in ninety-five million buddha field the disappearance of the holy Dharma, and Blessed one i became distressed and burst into tears. Moreover , i saw devas, nagas, yakshas, rakshasas and many embodied being of the desire realm weeping, pierced, with great agonizing pains. Moreover, similarly, Blessed One , after making prostrations to these buddha fields together with their oceans, with thier mount Sumèrus and with thier land that were all without exeption burnt, i fell into despair and left. " Blessed One , up until i came to the Padmottara world system, Blessed One i saw 500,000 million thrones set up, too. One hundred thousand million thrones were set up in the southern direction. I saw 100,000 million thrones set up in the northen direction 100,000 million thrones set up in the eastern direction, 100,000 million thrones set up in the western direction and 100,000 million thrones set up the upper direction. Also, Blessed One those thrones that had been set up are made solely from the seven precious substances, and on these thrones, too, tathagata are seated and teach the Dharma. ." i was amazed at those Blessed Ones and so i asked those tathagata,' what is the name of this Buddha world system?' and those Blessed ones said, " child of the lineage, this world system is named Padmottara." then Blessed One, after i had circumanbulated those tathagata i asked the name of that buddha field's tathagata." they said, the one called tathagata, arhat,perfect and complete Buddha Padma-Garbha performs the activities at a buddha in this buddha field. " then i asked this of them, since there are many hundreds of thousands of millions of buddhas and since i do not know the tathagata arhat perfect and complete Buddha Padma-Garbha , which is that one " that tathagata said: " child of the lineage i will show you the one called tathagata arhat perfect and complete buddha Padma,Garbha . Then the bodies of all those tathagatas disappeared and they appeared only in the forms of bodhisattvas. Alone tathagata was apparent and i made prostrations with my head at the feet of that tathagata. As soon as i went there a throne appeared and i went to that throne. And Blessed One at that time many thrones appeared, but not seeing anyone on those thrones. And the tathagata said,'sentient being who have not, produced the root of virtue do not have power to sit on those thrones'. " i said Blessed One, after sowing what kind of root of virtue does on come to be on those thrones?" That Blessed One said: "listen , child of lineage. Sentient beings who have heard the Sanghata sutra dharma paryaya by that root of virtue will sit on those thrones, and there is no need to mention those who have written it out or read it Sarva shura, you have heard the Sanghata sutra dharma paryaya and therefore you are sitting on this seat. Otherwise, how would you have entered into this buddha field?, "that Blessed on spoke thus and i said the following to that Blessed One: " Blessed One , how much is the mass of merit that will be produced by those who hear the Sanghata sutra dharma paryaya?" then the Blessed One , the Padma-Garbha tathagata, displayed a smile. I asked that Blessed One for what purpose that Blessed One displayed a smile:" Blessed One what is the reason and for what sort of purpose did the tathagata display a smile?" that Blessed One said:" child of the lineage, bodhisattva, great being Sarva shura he who has attained great power, listen it is as follows: to make an analogy. Someone is a wheel-turning king (universal monarch) ruling four continents. If he plants sesame in the fields of the four continents, Sarva shura, what do you think about this ? Would many of his seeds grow?' Sarva sura said:" Blessed One Many, sugata, many! " the Blessed One said: Sarva shura, from those sesame seeds a sentient being would make a single pile, and some other person would take each sesame seed from that pile of sesame seeds, on by on, and place it aside. Sarva shura what do you think about this? Would that sentient being be able to count those sesame seeds or make an analogy of them?" the bodhisattva Sarva shura said: " Blessed One he would not sugata he would not . He would be incapable of counting those sesame seeds or making an analogy.
" Likewise, Sarva shura apart from the tathagata no one else can make an analogy for the mass of merit of the Sanghata sutra dharma paryaya. Sarva shura it is a follows: to make an analogy, even if as many tathagatas as there were sesame seeds should all declare the merits of the roots of virtue from hearing the Sanghata sutra dharma paryaya, they would not come to the end of that merit, even through an analogy. That being the case , there is no need to mention one who writes it out and reads it and has it written." The bodhisattva Sarva shura said: " Blessed One, what sort of mass of merit will be produced by the one who writes it out ? The Blessed One said: " child of the lineage, listen, someone cuts up all the grass or wood of a galaxy of a billion worl systems to the size of a mere finger width and, Sarva shura listen to a second analogy, too. If as many stones or cliffs or eart or particles of dust as there are in galaxy of a billion world systems were to become wheel-turning kings ruling four continents, would it be possible for someone to make an analogy of their merit?" Sarva shura said, Blessed one it would not, exept for the tathagata". " similarly,Sarva shura, it is impossible to make an analogy for the mass of merit of that many wheel-turning kings, one who writes down even just one syllabe of this dharma paryaya and sets it up will produce a much great mass of merit. Those wheel-turning kings are not like that, although their merit is extremely large. Sarva shura likewise, the merit of a bodhisattva, a great being, who remains upholding and praticing the holy Dharma of the Mahayana cannot be overshadowed by a whell-turning king. Likewise, an analogy cannot be made for the mass of merit of the one who writes out the Sangata sutra dharma paryaya. Sarva shura, this Sanghata sutra reveals treasuries of merit. It pacifies all that is delusional, it make7 the lamp of all Dharmas blaze brightly . It defeats all the wicked maras, it makes the abodes of all the bodhisattvas blaze brightly, it brings about the complete accomplishment of all Dharmas." He spokes thus, and the bodhisattva, the great being Sarva shura said to the Blessed one:" Blessed one, here the pratice of celibacy is a very difficult pratice. If one wonders what the reason for this is, Blessed one, a tathagata's pratice is rare, and likewise the pratice of celibacy is also rare. At the time when one engages in the pratice of celibacy, one will see the tathagata directly.

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