the representation of the image of the bouddha in the form of the statue or image which the significiance ?

When we pay respect to an image of the Buddha, we are not worshipping him. We respect the image as a representation of our Original Teacher and therefore we pay our debt of gratitude to him. This is why the followers of the Buddha respect the Buddha’s images as well as memorial plaques of ancestors. This practice has a far-reaching and widespread educational significance, for at the sight of them, we remember our obligation of caring for and respecting our parents, teachers and elders.

This one will be human , but of a humaniter sublimee in order to symbolize to achievement spiritual and the sereniter interior fruit of this realisation which reached the enlightment the humain aspect means that all one each one cane reach has this realization no the idol not of god represent simply the man who has to complete achievement spiritual .

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